Thursday, 12 December 2013


woolly winter garment

december month

Tis the season! However, it is never quite Christmas in my household until my birthday has passed (that sounds so selfish oh dear), which happened to fall last week. For my sixteenth i received lots of lovely written cards and gorgeous bits and bobs from friends and family! As well as gift cards and getting a little bit extra pocket money, me being Harriet obviously decided to spend my money WISELY on some bits in preparation for the upcoming winter months...

Over the past few years I've found it really hard to find a coat that is subtle and minimal although has a slight edge. Something that isn't too bland but also doesn't have too much going on i guess is kind of the point I'm trying to make. In my eyes there's nothing worse than buying something just because there hasn't been anything other that's caught your eye in other words, you're just buying for the sake of buying... yes, it sounds completely ridiculous but it happens to me all the time and i can guarantee in 99% of these scenarios, i never even end up wearing or using the item anyway! I think this is why this coat from River Island stood out a mile from what other high street stores have in. I've been contemplating whether to jump on the Pretty In Pink bandwagon for these past few months, well ever since Cara D was featured in Vogue wearing Simone Rochas AW13 beautiful blushing pink coat, just looking
 back through those few glossy pages i knew i could not resist the pink.
 After trying on some of the fluffy/ bobbley textured ones in Topshop and
them becoming more and more popular, I suppose i lost interest in them.
 Due to me being
freakishly pale, the shade of pink completely washed me out and made me look
superhuman. That's one of the reasons i love this River Island light purple 
boyfriend coat, I know what you're thinking, it isn't pink but i like to 
think of it as putting my own little twist on the trend! I adore how over sized and loose fitting the coat feels on and not only does it look amazing, its 100% wool which in my books is amazing value for its reasonable price so I'm hoping its going to keep me super warm!

Have a very Merry Christmas!
Lots of love,

Hatty x