Monday, 26 May 2014


london & mini haul

may month 014


Being a countryside girl at heart, I’ll admit, living in such a rural area can be beyond boring at times! Forever lusting to live in a big city, London is more than the ideal escape every once in a while just to help put things into perspective. Not only do I love that It's so cosmopolitan, I still cant seem to come to terms with the buzz of the place and how not a minute is wasted there, taking a step back and people watching is something I cant help but do. Being beyond inspired by street style and adoring the narrow cobbed streets with ALL my favourite stores on their doorsteps, I was no way going to turn my mums offer down!

Finally, after getting the majority of my GCSE examinations out of the way, she proposed last minute we all deserved a day out (we being my parents and my grandparents).

Saturday started early at 6.30... and with absolutely no clue of what I was going to wear or what bag to take (as per usual)! We then caught the train at 9am and arrived at Kings Cross for 10.30 - I would definitely recommend pre-booking First Class as it is so much more roomy and Breakfast is included, perfect for if you're in a rush getting ready and you don't have time to eat beforehand. The day was spent mooching about, looking around ect as we didn't have much time to see much as the show was a matinee performance, however I did manage to pick up a few little treats for myself with the excuse 'for coping with my GCSE's'. 

The Commitments was amazing; like most of the shows in London you can set your expectations high for them never to be let down! Afterwards we took a stroll to China Town and to a bite to eat and I finally got around to trying Bubble Tea from Chatime which was delicious!!

Here you can watch my London Vlog + Mini lookbook of some things which i purchased on my trip!

Thankyou for visiting my blog I really appreciate some of the lovely comments which I get on my posts and to know that people are actually reading the posts which I write! Hopefully I'll be writing another soon...

Lots of love,

Hatty x