Tuesday, 15 April 2014


5 spring beauty favourites
april month 014

Here are my top 5 beauty favourites for these remaining spring months! Please don't forget to follow my new youtube channel as next week I'll be uploading my bedroom/ homeware haul! If you want to keep up with recent blog posts please follow me on Bloglovin or Instagram!

(The Bodyshop, to the left Tea Tree Pore Minimiser and on the right Tea Tree oil)
I didn't want to class these two as separates because I think that they go hand in hand! I haven't been in body shop for a long while but when I was walking past one of their stores last week I couldn't resist having a peak! Id forgotten about so many products which I used to practically cherish! The scents of all their products are so fresh and organic and of course you could find a cheaper alternative but its kind of like buying a little treat for yourself without breaking the bank. The pore minimiser really does do what it says on the tin; It's super smooth and buttery yet doesn't take too long to absorb into your skin so you can get pretty much strait on with applying your make-up which for me, is a must! The oil I tend to use at night after giving my face a hot soak with a flannel, I've found by using both these products my skin has been a lot clearer these past two weeks! 

(Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation in the shade 1C0 SHELL)
I'm going to try not to write too much about this next product as I plan to do a review sometime next week about it. This is the Estee Lauder Double Wear. I've found myself over the past year mixing foundations together as my skin is very pale and I couldn't find a build able/ high coverage foundation which was pale enough for my skin tone! This however, is God's gift! It lasts ALL day without having to reapply with a build-able coverage and is my exact skin tone! 

(Topshop LIPS in RIO RIO)
I swear I haven't ever left the house on weekends without wearing this lipstick these past few weeks! It is the first lipstick from Topshop which I've ever tried and for £8 I don't think you can go wrong! This particular colour is in the shade Rio Rio which has a matte finish. When applied it has an orange undertones which  really helps to brighten up any complexion. I have such pale skin and I find it very flattering especially when my make-up is minimal.

(Top Left is Pure Colour Blush in 08 Passion, Bottom Left is Pure Colour in Medium Bronze Goddess 02, Top Right is Pure Color in 10 Lover's Blush and Bottom Right is 02 Pink Kiss).
I cant stop using Estee Lauder's Deluxe All-Over Face Compact! My favourite shade for spring particularly is 08 Peach Passion which I lightly brush onto the apples of my cheeks. It looks gorgeous with a soft pink or even a bold lip and not much of the product is needed as it is such highly pigmented.

Lastly, this product I've never even seen reviewed before or spoken about but its absolutely amazing. I picked this Laidbare 'Spot the difference' cream at a TK Maxx store a couple of months ago and it really does do wonders. The applicator is so hygienic as I often feel like with most spot creams you have to apply it onto the actual blemish which of course must pick up the germs and so forth, with this I can just squirt some onto the back of my hand and apply with clean hands! I tend to use this all over my face and after its soaked in, your skin no longer feels oily but quite the opposite! I would recommend using after exfoliating!

Lots of love,

Hatty x