Tuesday, 15 October 2013



october month

New clothes + good school grades + positive feedback = a happy Harriet!


 For those who read my blog know I'm still at school currently working towards next years GCSE's  in June/July and even my English Language in November which is scarily almost less than a month away. With coursework piling up, keeping on top of it all is not challenging but also very draining when there is so many other things you would rather do. However, coursework does find itself at the top of my priority list so I often find myself under extreme pressure leaving me grumpy and stressed.

Due to all this weight on my shoulders, I think its important to treat myself for doing a little extra revision or keeping on top grades, yes, I could just go out and buy these clothes with my own money for the sake of a new wardrobe, although buying the clothes but for instead to treat myself, feels much more rewarding and it encourages me to try hard and keep working hard. I honestly have no idea if that makes sense but i swear deep in the cell of my brain there is a method to my madness.

These items in the photos underneath i purchased from Uniqlo and Zara. I first discovered Uniqlo at the beginning of the summer holidays after my grandma had come back from a shopping trip in London and she brought me back a few bits and pieces. One of those being the lime green blazer. I'd first pointed the blazer out in a magazine but after discovering it was out of stock online I kind of accepted the fact I probably wasn't going to get my hands on it. How wrong was I?! Now I utterly adore it! Such a statement piece and it looks great with the striped top underneath (Zara basics). I tend to wear it with Topshop's black Joni Jeans with either my docs or bucked boots, the colour is a really shocking bold limy shade so it adds a pop to an outfit and makes quite a simple, basic outfit look a bit more dressed up and interesting. I also think it would look great with a black below the knee strait skirt or with a suede accessory. Its a fantastic item to add to your wardrobe.

My most recent purchase is the textured, fluffy boyfriend coat  from Uniqlo. Just wow. I don't think I've ever been this obsessed and over the moon with a coat. I love textures and layering and I think A/W is the best time of the year to learn how to layer and create dimensions and shapes within outfits because its slightly chillier therefore you can really experiment more with these kind of pieces. Even if you aren't comfortable with layering such bold coloured clothing, just try it out with a fluffy cardigan over leather and denim. Textures are definitely a key trend this autumn winter so if you aren't sure id 100% recommend giving it a go! I really think this coat is going to look great with jeans, a denim pinafore, tartan, baby doll dresses and even layered over the top of my striped top, lime blazer with Joni's and Topshop boots... I cannot wait to try it out!

Another successful haul 

Hatty x