Sunday, 23 June 2013



may month

I'm more than pleased jelly shoes are back in for Summer. When I first saw these JuJu Babes on Topshop's website they unsurprisingly sold out whilst i contemplated whether to make the investment. I actually looked all over for them, i wanted this style of JuJu's so desperately I didn't really mind that the JuJu's I purchased in the end weren't the exact pair Topshop were selling and I was willing to make the compromise of having the black buckle instead of the white. I bought this exact pair from Urban Outfitters and I think I paid a little bit extra than the normal retailing price other stores seemed to be selling them for although I am extremely happy as I am definitely getting a lot of wear out of them and I'm sure they will be perfect to wear on the beach whilst on holiday! Personally, I believe the black edition do go with virtually any casual outfit, I've worn them with the Topshop high waisted Joni Jeans, as well as my pinafore dress with black tights and frilly ankle socks (of all colours!). I think that the only slight thing which i aren't entirely keen on is that the first time you break them in they do rub and give you fairly large blisters on the balls and heels of your feet, the second time i wore them they didn't hurt as much so if you do decide wear them strait after taking them out the box i would recommend investing in some large plasters! Other than that I love the 1980's and 90's twist on the usual flat jelly shoe, they are a fantastic very edgy shoe and i will be purchasing another pair in UV pink very soon! 


Hatty x